JanSport T501 Super-break Backpack Review

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Backpacks area unit a vital offer for school-aged kids, school students, travelers and hikers. they supply the suggests that to well and with efficiency carry needed things.

A failing backpack will ruin a visit or cause problems within the educational surroundings. It definitely causes stress and additional work to pack around required provides once there’s not a dependable backpack on the market.

Because there area unit such a large amount of totally different things that area unit created a lot of convenient through these merchandise, there area unit several makers UN agency attempt to produce a range of choices thus everybody has the chance to search out one that works best for them.

The Jansport Company has been within the business of manufacturing backpacks for variety of years. The T501 SuperBreak Backpack is their resolution for giving a multi-purpose backpack that’s appropriate to be used in a very sort of settings.


  • 25.42 litre storage capacity
  • Secure zipper closure
  • Padded back panel
  • 600 denier polyester materials
  • Padded shoulder straps


  • The dense weave of polyester fabric used in the construction of the SuperBreak lends durability and strength to the backpack.
  • Choice of several attractive color selections.
  • Simple design.
  • Lightweight for comfortable use.
  • Padded back panel and straps for comfortable fit.


  • This backpack is not waterproof which limits the settings under which it may be successfully used. It holds up well under a light sprinkle, but moderate to hard rain causes the contents to become saturated.
  • There is no water bottle holder for hydration. Storing bottles inside of the backpack can cause condensation and moistening of the other items that are inside.
  • The storage area is very small and there are only two compartments making organization and fast access to needed items more difficult. Smaller items have a tendency to fall to the bottom of the bag, making them difficult to retrieve without first removing the larger ones.
  • Straps are thin and small and may not work as well for larger children or adults.
  • Sized for young children and not well suited for older children and adults.
  • Not the greatest value for the cost.


The Jansport T501 SuperBreak Backpack is constructed with high-quality serious duty materials to carry up below serious use. the bulk of users provides it on top of average ratings for this quality.

It has benefits for those who need alittle backpack with restricted house and preferring an easy style while not plenty of additional options. it’s well cushiony for comfort and back protection whereas in use.

Because this bag isn’t waterproof it’s not counseled for out of doors use throughout inclement weather. the rating for this product could be a four.4 out of 5, putting it on top of average in rank.

It received varied positive scores from folks United Nations agency purchased it to be used by younger faculty age kids. It holds up well below daily use and comes in a very type of color decisions.

Adults United Nations agency used this as a commuter backpack according that it works well for carrying daily necessities to and from the work place. it’s not ideal throughout inclement weather attributable to the dearth of weatherproofing, however it works nicely once cycling in dry climate.

The extra artefact makes it a cushty backpack for smaller individuals to hold. The straps area unit on the skinny facet for larger adults and this may build the merchandise uncomfortable for them to hold.

Possible Alternatives

KAKA Backpack for 17-Inch Laptops

The KAKA Backpack for seventeen-Inch Laptops is an alternate for anyone UN agency desires further area for firmly carrying a laptop computer up to 17 inches within the interior layer.

The capability for this product is thirty five litres and it offers waterproof protection for the contents. Organization is formed straightforward with ten pockets together with three zippered pockets and a couple of mesh aspect pockets that function bottle or alternative drinkable holders.

This large capability pack comes with a 1 year pledge. though this backpack incorporates a larger storage capability with a lot of helpful options and is pass on worth, the pledge is inferior to the period guarantee offered by the Jansport Company.

Miggo Style Midtown Genius Backpack

The Miggo vogue Midtown Genius Backpack is another various. it’s the capability to store a laptop computer up to fifteen inches, along side different physics.

It additionally options mesh pockets for holding bottles or different little things, cushiony back support and shoulder straps and wonderful ventilation with inbuilt flowing channels.

This product is built of polyester material and is light-weight for comfort once in use. price|the price} is less than each the Jansport and also the KAKA and it’s a good value for the value

Victoriatourist V6002 Laptop Backpack

The Victoriatourist V6002 portable computer Backpack is associate choice for those that need a travel backpack with airfield security measures. It comes with Check-Fast airfield Security technology to assist defend your sensitive knowledge from identity thieves.

It has an indoor sleeve that holds laptops up to sixteen inches. alternative options embrace flow of air back ventilation and further artifact for optimum comfort once in use.

The price is comparable the Jansport SuperBreak and therefore the KAKA Backpack for seventeen in. laptops. The additional worth feature for this product is that the airfield security choice.


The Jansport T501 SuperBreak Backpack may be a sensible choice for smaller students and adults United Nations agency have the requirement to hold faculty provides and no quite 2 to a few books at just one occasion.

The offered house is restricted, however it works well once massive volumes of house don’t seem to be required. Its light-weight construction and artifact for the rear and straps build it comfy to hold.

It is conjointly appropriate to be used by adults United Nations agency need no quite twenty five liters of house for storage. This little backpack delivers on strength and sturdiness.

Although it lacks several of the options found in a number of the additional versatile backpacks, it’s a time period warrantee that is created attainable by the prime quality and sturdiness of the merchandise.

Although there area unit different choices for backpacks which supply a wider vary of options, this backpack offers an easy style for anyone United Nations agency wants a light-weight duty backpack that’s designed to carry up underneath serious use.