Osprey Porter Travel Backpack Bag, 46-Liter

The Osprey Porter 46 is one of the most popular travel packs on the market…


Packing obsessed? WHO, me? perhaps simply a little! i am perpetually in search of the proper bag and, at one purpose, i believed I had found it. in an exceedingly previous post, I wrote that i used to be excited to own discovered the fish eagle Porter forty six – however currently that I’ve traveled with it for over a year, however do I feel?

The fish eagle Porter forty six is that the absolute lightest pack I’ve found. It weighs concerning one.2 kilograms, a lot of but ancient backpacks and considerably but typical stick with it suitcases. a giant travel complaint of mine is “ultra light” stick with it luggage that really weigh nearer to ten lbs! stick with it weight restrictions square measure more and more implemented and this bag’s small weight could be a large plus.



Osprey Porter 46: Pros

A second factor in it’s favor? the dimensions and form. several “carry on” baggage ar either undersize by many inches (thanks to wheels and handles) or outsize by an in. or 2 (normally not an enormous deal however airlines ar cracking down.) The Porter forty six is intended to utterly match customary persevere sizes -23x40x55 centimeters. This careful style means that it’s forty six liters of house – that is 10-12 liters quite the quality bag. simply do not stuff it! If you are doing, the rounded high of the bag can technically create it ‘oversized’.

In addition to the load and size, I conjointly appreciate the look. i favor that I will tuck the straps away and alter it from a backpack to a travel bag. The bag is a lot of sleek and complex than the quality backpack, that are some things I appreciate once checking into nicer hotels. the 2 external compression straps do an excellent job of reducing the bag’s bulk and creating it a lot of efficient.

The Pandion haliaetus Porter forty six is true short on bells and whistles, however this can be a professional to Maine. {i do not|i do not} wish excess straps obtaining caught and that i don’t would like a large amount of external pocks to feature bulk. I do want but that there was one mesh pocket for bottle use.

I conjointly just like the safety whistle within the chest strap and also the straightforward however effective hip straps that may simply eat up. i favor the interior mesh pockets within the lid and also the facet of the bag, also as slightly pocket on the highest of the bag that’s excellent for tucking in my 3-1-1 kit for easy screening. I want the new Porter forty six model, that I even have, had maintained its exterior pocket on the front of the bag (which is gift in Ryan’s older model) – it’d be excellent for tucking in minute magazines.

The downside? to avoid wasting on weight and area, the pack has tokenish back support. The cushiony straps, the hip belt, and therefore the chest strap do facilitate however it’s abundant less snug than a customary backpack that has adjustable stays and a lot of in depth artifact. The tokenish support wasn’t that noticeable most of the time however once I had to wear it for quite Associate in Nursing hour (and typically even less) I felt strain and pressure against my back. It felt like i used to be carrying a far heavier load.

Osprey Porter 46: Cons

I conjointly felt there was a fine tipping purpose concerning what quantity weight the Porter forty six may well hold before the strain would suddenly increase. Adding a number of books to my put on the manner back from a conference suddenly meant I had associate degree uncomfortable come trip! Despite the bag’s convenient interior, it permits for no slopping packing. simply agitated things in while not thought to properly distributing the load MEant the bag felt off balance and uncomfortable – find it irresistible was sporting me and not the opposite manner around.

Because there’s less cushioning – and specifically less breathable, technology padding – I found the pack to be heat against my back. It looked like i used to be (grossness alert!) sweatier than usual once I was running through airports. It’s arduous {to say|to MEntion} if this was simply me or if anyone else would have this downside however along these ‘cons’ area unit value thought if you’re doing intensive carry or travel in extremely popular climates.

Final Verdict?

Overall, I realize it helps to think about the Porter fish eagle forty six as a travel bag, not as a backpack. If you’re longing for a travel bag that you simply will wane your back, the Porter fish eagle forty six is ideal for you. it is the epitome of persevere friendly and therefore the combination of weight, size, shape, design, stripped-down however well appointed accessories – likewise because the terribly enticing value purpose created it the best bag for our round-the-world trip.

But if you’re longing for a bag to travel carry with, you would possibly wish to stay trying. This bag is most snug once it’s well packed, reconciliation out the load, however you actually begin to feel the strain once it’s stuffed. we have a tendency to were fine to wear it for associate degree hour around however long days result in back pain. i believe future backpackers and nomads can wish one thing far more ancillary and comfy.

I will continue to use this pack for medium length when I don’t anticipate having to wear it for a long amount of time. No hiking with the Porter 46! For shorter trips when I’m just flying in and out of one city for 5 days or less I would consider bringing my traditional wheeled carry on suitcase so I can roam the airport for hours without the strain of the pack on my back. For longer or more physically demanding trips I would likely seek out a new pack, one that offers more back support and comfort.