The Mountaintop 40-Liter Hiking Backpack

Mountain top Backpack Review: Finding The Backpack That You Need To Own

The time i spotted I required to appear for an honest backpack was once I went on my 1st carry trip. it had been just for six days, thus i assumed what I had would be fine. subsequently trip, i could not facilitate however need additional journey, whether or not traveling somewhere way or close to.

I began to go looking for an honest backpack for future visits, significantly for weekend visits. once an extended search, I found the Mountaintop 40-Liter Hiking Backpack by Mountaintop Packs, Inc, which inserts right in budget.

If you’re probing for a backpack for hiking or short visits, you ought to take into account Mountaintop’s 40-Liter Hiking Backpack. They even have alternative backpacks in several sizes to fit your wants. browse on if you wish to grasp the way to opt for the correct backpack and for Mountaintop backpack review.


Mountaintop Backpack Review: Finding Your Backpack

What To Consider When Buying a Hiking/Backpacking Backpack
Sizing and Fitting
Style and Features
The Mountaintop 40-Liter Hiking Backpack for Outdoor Camping
Features of the Mountaintop 40-Liter Hiking Backpack
Advantages of the Mountaintop 40-liter Hiking Backpack
Disadvantages of the Mountaintop 40-liter Hiking Backpack:
Customer Reviews

What To Consider When Buying a Hiking/Backpacking Backpack


The capability of a bag is maybe one in all the primary belongings you ought to think about. It’s sometimes measured in liters and is decided by 2 large factors.The first one is that the length of the trip. what number days area unit you packing for or does one wish to pack for?

The second determiner is that the gear you wish to hold. area unit you transferral tenting gear, winter gear, or alternative gear for a selected trip? If you’re, then you may want a lot of area in your pack. It’s easier to pick out a backpack capability once you have determined these 2 factors.

However, not all visits area unit the same; some area unit longer than others. during this case, hunt for one thing that’s versatile.

For general use or visits in numerous lengths, we advise either obtaining 2 completely different packs or a pack that is giant enough for long visits. employing a giant pack for brief visits isn’t as unhealthy as not having enough capability for long visits. you’ll conjointly inspect giant backpacks that have a detachable smaller one for day use.

We all have completely different ideas of desires and desires, thus what we are saying is that the right size, might not be right for you. solely you’ll verify the right capability for you. If you concentrate on yourself a lightweight packer, here area unit a number of our suggestions for backpack capacity:

  • 20-30 liters for a single day or overnight trip
  • 30-50 liters for weekends or 2-3 nights
  • 44-55 liters for multi-day trips or 2-5 nights
  • 55+ liters for anything over five nights.

There’s another minor factor to consider when choosing your pack capacity, which is whether you can use it as a carry-on bag. This factor depends on the airline, bus line, or other transportation.

Sizing and Fitting


Many folks create the error of victimisation the terms size and capability like they’re constant, however they’re not. For backpacks, filler and fitting area unit determined by your body part length. Finding the proper size and match is very important for your comfort.

If you utilize one that’s overlarge or too little, the load of the contents won’t be equally distributed. this may cause pressure on sure elements of your body that may eventually create it tough or painful to hold.

The size is decided by the length of your body part. every backpack manufacturer has their methodology of mensuration and fitting. However, in general, they supply a size vary that indicates what body part length it covers. you’ll forever enkindle help from a sales associate.

That said, we tend to extremely suggest that you just undertake the backpacks before you get. If you propose on shopping for on-line, you’ll still attend a store simply to suit a backpack. If that’s inconceivable, you’ll still attempt to live yourself and check the manufacturer’s recommendations on-line. however don’t say we tend to didn’t warn you! we tend to still extremely suggest that you just match the backpack in an exceedingly store.

Features of the Mountaintop 40-Liter Hiking Backpack

Storage Capacity, Size, Compartments, And Pocke

The Mountaintop 40-Liter Hiking Backpack measures concerning twenty inches tall, virtually fourteen inches long, and alittle over half dozen inches in breadth. it’s a most capability of the backpack (including pockets) is forty liters associate degreed an empty weight of concerning two pounds.

This backpack is nice for all the world between day visits to weekend visits. If you’re packing for heat weather, you’ll be able to pack for enough for a protracted weekend. the dimensions is additionally okay to possess as a carry-on bag on the plane.

The main compartment contains a division for laptop computer, however you’ll be able to use it to separate things for a a lot of organized pack. There square measure 2 front pockets, nice for things like your billfold, sunglasses, and different belongings you need to access simply. beneath the lower front pocket may be a hidden pouch which will match little things sort of a radiophone, wallet, or associate degree mp3 player.

If you wish to urge things from rock bottom of the pack, you don’t ought to dig from the highest gap. Below the front pocket may be a zipper that unveil to rock bottom a part of the most compartment. Then, on both sides of the bag square measure mesh pockets appropriate a bottle.

On the front of the pack square measure adjustable straps that may hold a stand or trekking pole, however you’ll use it for alternative things additionally. There are straps higher than the mesh pockets.

You can use it to secure a tall bottle that’s within the mesh pocket or things sort of a towel or sleeping mat. On the shoulder straps, there square measure D-shaped hooks, wherever you’ll sweep up tiny things.

Water Resistant

The backpack is made of water-repellent polyester, but if you want to use the rain cover for extra protection.

Airstripes Back System

This refers to the brand’s design that promotes ventilation. It features mesh back panels, as well as the shoulder straps and waist belt. It promotes proper ventilation for a cool and dry hike.

Bearing System

The waist belt is soft and adjustable for comfort and correct support. The bag additionally includes a breastbone strap that you simply will regulate from facet to facet and vertically. I additionally appreciate however the shoulder straps and back panels have simply the proper quantity of cushioning for comfort.


This backpack comes in 10 totally different colours therefore you’ll select one to fit your style

Advantages of the Mountaintop 40-liter Hiking Backpack

Overall, i believe this backpack could be a nice alternative, particularly if you’re on a budget. Usually, you get what you buy. However, with this backpack, you get quite what you buy, and that i mean that in a very great way.

  • It’s an excellent backpack size for day use, long journeys, and weekend journeys in heat weather
  • The compartments enable you to own a additional organized pack.
  • It secures to your body o.k., whereas preventing pressure connected aches with the cushioning
  • This pack is additionally an excellent hand carry bag for flights. It fits within the overhead bin or beneath the seat good

Disadvantages of the Mountaintop 40-liter Hiking Backpack:

  • It appears little for a 40-liter backpack, however i believe they counted all the little compartments on in this calculation. i’d say that the most compartment is merely regarding 30 liters.
  • For weather use, you would possibly want one thing larger as a result of covering is thicker and bulkier.

Customer Reviews

Recently, this backpack has gotten several positive reviews. patrons love the standard of the backpack particularly considering however low value it’s. several of the negative reviews state that they expected the bag to be larger, however apart from that, they’re happy with it.

I positively agree that’s a good backpack for the worth. I additionally agree that it’s smaller than I expected, however it’s one thing I simply adjusted to.


Overall, i’m happy that I got the Mountaintop 40-Liter Hiking Backpack. i take advantage of it for my weekend getaways and as my hand carry and daypack whenever I travel. The compartments Maineasure} convenient and permit me to own a a lot of organized bag.

I don’t use the straps most after I use it as a daypack, however I’m glad they’re there as a result of i do know they’ll are available handy. Though, I do use them on short inhabitation journeys.